One excellent perk of finally graduating high school is that I can now finally make it to some Providence Geek Nights (school commitments always seemed to conflict). Unfortunately they take August off so there will not be one next month, but after that they host these events once a month, usually on a mid-month Wednesday, from 5:30 to 8:00 at AS220 in Providence (which happens to be two blocks down from where I work). People usually socialize for the first hour (the food is excellent) and around 6:30 the special guest for the night gives a presentation.

This month Moveable code gave an excellent discussion on their adventures as a startup that suffered from several pivots, a gatekeeper market, being able to see innovation before anyone else was willing to believe them long enough to actually invest in them. From the Providence Geeks site:

MoveableCode is building a 21st century toy company. The Bristol-based startup creates and sells play and entertainment products built on Social Shareability, Location, and Mobile technology – an approach and technique they call SoLoMo Play. At the July Geek Dinner, CEO Nick Napp and Chief Play Officer Kevin Mowrer will tell the MoveableCode story – where they’ve been and where they’re headed (yes, there’s a “pivot” in there!). Nick and Kevin have an silly amount of industry experience and expertise, having served as a Sony-Ericsson opportunity scout and Hasbro SVP for R&D, respectively.”

It was an excellent night, with great food (the grilled cheese at AS220 is wonderful) and I managed to snag a photo of this lovely bit of culture written on the wall in the bathroom. Nerd points to anyone who knows what this phrase is from.

You Spoony Bard!!


Providence Geek’s added an interview with the master minds behind MoveableCode.